Two years ago, I took a group of college students from Melbourne, Australia, to attend the China-Australia College Student Forum. The theme of the forum is how the youth of the two countries interpret each other's culture. Several people liked Chongqing.


A road through a square, the music is noisy, it turns out that the mothers dance in the square. I explain to Australian students that this is a way of exercising. Students respond: not only exercise, but also love life. The people here all strive for physical and mental happiness. Why not?


Chongqing is known as fog capital, only a third of the local weather is fine, generally foggy, so liu zongyuan said that dogs will bark day, because always cannot see the sun, do not know. \"Shu dog barking day\" from liu zongyuan's \"answer wei zhong argumentist book \".


Two-thirds of the year is a year away, but the people still live and work. Outsiders don't understand even wonder: don't see the day more depressed. The friends of Chongqing heard the words and laughed. The land of abundance, people are with a touch of joy. Not only do locals in Chongqing love their hometowns, but foreigners and even foreigners like it here.


Students in the foreign language department of chongqing university believe that only by mastering the essence of chinese classical culture and using the past for the present can they truly realize their own strengths in international exchanges, at the same time understand their own shortcomings, and cultivate the spirit of self-reflection and independent thinking. This view was echoed by Australian students at the forum. They think China's long history and philosophy are very interesting!


I've learned that. As you can see from the usual lectures, a growing number of australian students are choosing chinese, eager to learn about chinese culture, and their initial curiosity has leaped into an eagerness to learn. As a result of China's growing influence, not only has Chinese become one of the mark language of public places such as Melbourne Airport, but Australia has also begun to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.


A boy came to class pale. Listen to me about the relationship between emotion and health. Talk about thinking about hurting your spleen. Someone asked, what is the spleen? Where is it? Then look down at your computer or cell phone. I explained that the spleen is the acquired basis of traditional Chinese medicine, and stomach together with the main digestion of the operation. If you miss too much, think too much, the spleen is tired, slowly in a lazy state, not good work. That boy eyes a bright, say, no wonder! I haven't had much appetite lately and may have missed my girlfriend too much. There was a burst of laughter in the classroom.


Speaking of sad lungs, mr. mark, who is of iran's ancestry, said many asthmatics in australia, with poor lungs, some of them looked depressed. Perhaps to make them happy, the disease can be alleviated. There was support for his bold assumptions. Mark, who majored in economics and speaks some Chinese, succeeded in getting the job of Australia's largest bank after graduation and was able to host clients from China.


Several other students like the history of Chinese characters best. Let them paint the cart, I said, if it were an ancient ornate carriage, there would be a Huagai. Then I write about the evolution of the word \"car \". The students understood that the \"car\" is the most representative part of the intercept - the wheel and the transverse spokes connecting the wheel.


I explain “Tomorrow ”: Why is“ Tomorrow ” a bright day literally? My understanding is: because today we have to go through the night, and then the dawn is tomorrow. Chinese is wonderful. Compared to a technical time, it is full of the philosophy of light and dark contrast, full of image, full of vital elements, full of gratitude and hope.


When it comes to Taoism, ask the students who is stronger than the grass and the big trees. The tree, of course, said the crowd. What about the storm? After a little thought, a girl replied that the big tree might have been uprooted in the storm, but the grass was safe and sound. A boy retorted immediately: what if the tree fell down and smashed the grass? After saying again feel only small probability, oneself first laughed.


Tom is an engineering student. His trip to China included visits to many important projects, such as the world's largest Three Gorges dam. The engineer-to-be, who is also a sentimental man, loves the wishing woods with red strips of cloth on the trees and loves those concentric locks, as he believes there's a touching story hidden behind each one. He also carried some of his mother's ashes and scattered them on the highest peak of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie. According to legend, Tianmen Mountain is the door of the living and spiritual world. He introduced Tianmen Mountain in his WeChat.


Sitting on the banquet of Chongqing hot pot, several students face the flowers in the middle of the table and the rich ingredients of the table, feeling that the banquet here is very interesting, both have the function of entertainment and communication with friends. Some students quite like WeChat Pay, asking how to put the money into the WeChat wallet.


Taking the high-speed train is also a magical experience. Australia doesn't have a 300-kilometer-per-hour train yet. Of course it doesn't feel the same. It's like flying on the ground. The key, my students say, is that it's so steady that I can't feel the train running at high speed. I recall the green pep express more than 20 years ago, only about 120 kilometers per hour, because of the small number of trains, station tickets, get on the bus crowded, and children were stuffed through the window. The speed of high-speed rail is now nearly three times faster, greatly facilitating travel. \"complacent horseshoe disease, a day to see Changan flowers\" is not under the word.


Order comes from the rational allocation of resources. I remember a dozen years ago when the bus was crowded, it was a headache to make sure you were on time. Now there are more trains, and the punctuality rate is greatly improved. Retirees can take the bus free of charge, which is a laudable benefit, and even in a country with a high per capita resource allocation, retirees are only eligible for half-price tickets.


Every time I return home to visit relatives, I am surprised by the vitality of the motherland and the speed of construction. Of course, the protection of the old town is also quite important, because it carries the memories of our childhood. My hometown has the reputation of Quancheng, every time I go back to the spring, to the Daming Lake to roam, to heal their homesickness overseas.


Two consecutive weeks of rainy weather, the weekend cleared up, the sky is deep and transparent. Chongqing people go out to bask in the sun. I noticed that I didn't see the barking of the dog. It seems that the ancients also liked to exaggerate.


Several students began to understand the unity of nature and man in Chinese philosophy. For example, the class said,\" the residual load to listen to the sound of rain,\" a girl exclaims: wow, this is not very beautiful? (Chong Yu Australia)


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