Zhou Qiang graduated in 1990 and assigned to work in a feed factory under our bureau, one year later than I did. He is tall, calm personality, not much talk, others laugh, he will also show a sincere smile.


Zhou Qiang high school practice sports, good basketball, although the retention of several grades, but was specially recruited to the provincial grain school, later became the captain of the school basketball team, often lead the competition, for the school glory, but also harvest love-girlfriend Xinju is his classmate,5 years younger than him, features exquisite, slim figure.


The two men's beauty, everyone praised, but the two families are very different conditions - the Zhou Qiang family is a county town ordinary citizens, parents have no formal work, the family burden is not small; the new Ju family in a city near the provincial capital, the family is good. Upon graduation, xinju's parents strongly objected to her daughter following a poor boy to the small county, they had to go back to their hometown.


However, a year later, the seemingly weak new chrysanthemum, will be firm, still not Zhou Qiang did not marry. The family had no choice but to use the relationship to transfer her to our unit, reminding her:\" People go high, water flows low, but you are willing to marry from the earth to a small place. There will be bitterness for you.


New Ju Yi no counter-view, chose Zhou Qiang together. In 1992, the unit built a new family building, and we became a neighbor in the courtyard. At that time, the grain bureau is a good situation, zhou qiang outstanding ability, from the machine class leader to the production workshop director, and was eventually promoted to sales manager, became the company's small leader. The couple had a good time working together.


However, after 2000, the policy changes and the impact of the market, let our units slowly into a difficult situation, factory business are in a shrinking state, barely maintained until 2005, the factory completely shut down, workers are in a state of unemployment. The unit does not have any statement, we all do not even have the living expenses. Colleagues have said:\" it's better to buy out a laid-off than to hang on to it, and make up for it somewhat.\"


In the unit, I and Xinju are not in the same department, just nodding acquaintance. After the factory was shut down, we were both at home, and we became acquainted with each other because our children were of the same age and often played together.


During that time, I do nothing, every day addicted to stock speculation, want to make a lot of money. Xinju is down-to-earth, taking some of the manual work done at home, sometimes wearing beads, string chain, sometimes welding small light bulb. She had a good hand, a sweater, shoes, a variety of clothes, and a little shawl for me. In her words,\" these bits and pieces of silver, meal money, food money is no problem.\"


I admire the good mentality of Xinju, which can find a breakthrough in adversity. But Zhou Qiang, who also had nothing to do, was often frowning and smoking, occasionally met under the family courtyard, and had always been kind and he just nodded and said nothing.


Of course, zhou qiang this state of everyone can understand that the couple have no income, there are children to raise, the head of the family, must be more anxious. She complained to me once in a while about her husband:\" If people take the initiative, he won't. He won't find a way or find someone to see what chance he has. He's a good man. He doesn't want to ask for anything.


\"It's not easy to find the right job for a while. Do you think the people in our factory are either pushing three rounds of manpower or working as a stevedore in the street?\" I consoled.


The new chrysanthemum did not speak, after a while said:\" Ah, but then again, Zhou Qiang this person is really good, very good to me. For so many years, as long as he was at home, he cooked three meals a day. He wouldn't let me do it sometimes. He would put his food in good order and set the dishes. After dinner, he cleaned up the pot and washed the dishes. He understands that I am far from my parents, and that he has come here to take extra care of me.


Speaking of these, xinju's eyes flashed with happiness. As we all know, the new chrysanthemum is beautiful, Zhou Qiang used to wear to give her money without stingy, go out on business trip back to buy her beautiful clothes and jewelry. That is, because Zhou Qiang is good to her, even when their parents-in-law did not have a bride price, she did not care.


After getting married, Zhou Qiang, as his youngest son, often subsidized his brother and sister without principle, and sold the homestead to his brother at a price below the market price of 20,000. However, we used to have jobs, and he paid for them, and now we are all like this, and the children of his brother and sister have worked and earned money, and have not seen them considerate of us. I bought my son a handful of bananas and milk that day, and I didn't expect him to give it to his sister and get mad at me.


After spending more than half a year at home, zhou qiang went to work in a feed factory at the end of 2005 and was responsible for farming and recycling. After that period of time, the look of new chrysanthemum relaxed much. \"You can earn five or six thousand dollars a month,\" he said.\" The income was very high in a small place like ours.\"


After that, a person at home in the new chrysanthemum, in addition to taking care of his son's diet, is to take more manual work. I sometimes advised her to rest and take good care of her eyes. She smiled and answered, but she couldn't get her hands off.


Three years later, xinju's son also went to junior high school. Zhou Qiang has a distant relative who runs a small company and lacks a cashier. Xinju has not been exposed to financial work before, but want to reduce the pressure of a little Zhou Qiang, hard to get down, while learning. Although hard work, but she always said, can share the financial pressure at home, is also happy.


In this year, developers bought our factory area idle for several years of land, the development of commercial housing. Overnight, the plant and warehouse were completely demolished, and our family home wall of the factory turned into a dusty construction site.


The department in charge of the unit took out a small sum of money from the sale of land, gave us more than 100 employees \"buy out \",20 years of service only about 20,000 compensation, everyone thought this is too unauthentic:\" selling land for tens of millions, give us this compensation, but a total of more than 2 million, where is the rest of the money?\"


The workers talked in private, but for a moment no one had any idea. Over the past few years, everyone has been running for their livelihood, men under pressure, like Zhou Qiang go out to work, women also think of various ways to work to earn money. Although people want to gain a little more for themselves, no one is willing to come out for this elusive, unknown result.


On the other hand, it was a gentle-looking new chrysanthemum who called the laid-off women in the family home and said,\" Let's go find the above and ask for the land sale. The compensation is to buy out the years of service, according to the regulations, the cost of living is also to give.


The women chattered, and the new chrysanthemum resolutely suppressed their argument:\" The key is that the hearts of the people are not uniform. When someone goes out, let the old man come. If someone doesn't do anything or don't do anything about it, they'll end up fighting for nothing!


She arranged for three shifts of people to be blocked at the gate, not allowing construction vehicles to go in and out of the gate, and then took people to the Food Bureau to find the leaders to tell them about the difficult life of the workers at home for several years, and laid out a policy that the cost of living during the shutdown would also have to be reissued at the time of the buyout.


She spoke to the bureau's leaders with good reason:\" There was no money for the plant to stop production, and we didn't have any demands. Now that more than 70 million land has been sold, the cost of living will not go away. The workers in our factory are the most honest. If we want to be like other factories, we'll have to make a fuss.


After the construction site door was blocked for a few days, developers rushed, delayed a day of construction, they lost a lot, immediately put pressure on the above. Subsequently, xinju led the people and bureau leaders several times to negotiate, eventually, the bureau agreed to pay compensation workers these years living expenses, each worker gets nearly ten thousand yuan.


Two years after the buyout, xinju's days were good. However, in 2011, zhou qiang's company was lost in the industry downturn, and he was laid off again.


By this time Zhou Qiang is also 45 years old, returning to work in the system is already impossible. The skills that have been learned, in the situation of the industry at that time, also cannot have any big development. The blow was worse than a few years ago, and mr. zhou was once again mired in anxiety.


Having been much more pragmatic than her husband, she thought about her friends and family, and finally thought of her sister sailing in the yangtze river in those years, pulling goods from some cement and sand factories on the shore, transporting sand and concrete to construction sites along the river or on the edge of tributaries, and supplying some bridge builders with considerable income.


Xinju and zhou qiang discussed, want to share with her two brothers to buy a boat, let her sister with a shipping in the yangtze river, along with sister supplies, there are sales,\" is a strong job, but at least can make money.\"


Do this business, it means Zhou Qiang completely out of the previous industry. In addition, it is a bit dangerous to ship sand and concrete on the water. Xinju also hesitated a little at first, but thought of the family situation, said to Zhou Qiang:\" Why not risk it? Either stay at home and be poor or struggle.


On loan, the two families bought a small cargo ship for hundreds of thousands of dollars in partnership, but business was good. Two years later, they sold the old ship and bought a bigger one.


At this time, the city's house prices also all the way, up to more than 3000. Xinju and zhou qiang combined:\" after all these years, people have bought a new house, we still live in this 20 years old house, it is humiliating to say, why not buy a new house.\" So they borrowed more money, paid a down payment of 120,000, and bought a 120-square-home. The boat's income covers the family's daily expenses, enough to pay off the mortgage.


Sanju's brother has his job and doesn't always follow the boat. Most of the time it was zhou qiang who stayed alone on board, except for the eldest couple who were in charge of the boat, and the rest of the business was basically carried by him alone on board, from following xinju's sister to contact the source of goods, contact the site delivery, to the final purchase, unloading, all on their own. He often stayed home for two or three months, once, and could not stay for a few days. When we chat together, xinju's words are full of love and understanding for zhou qiang.


Cargo transport, seems to be a very simple thing, but one of the trouble outsiders do not know, from the beginning of loading, will encounter layers of barriers. Once, Zhou Qiang's boat was in trouble in Anqing. He had a fellow student of the grain school, Xiao Ming, who was deputy director of a county power department. Zhou Qiang had wanted to ask him for help, but thinking of the disparity between the two men, this is not the past, began to dilly-dally, delayed for a month, the matter is still unresolved. Finally, under the urge of the new chrysanthemum, Zhou Qiang just went to find the old classmate. After Xiaoming learned of the situation, he complained:\" It's been over a month before you remembered to find me? Do you still use me as a friend? With the help of Xiao Ming, things were quickly solved.


Gradually, zhou qiang in the yangtze river also ran out of some of the door, a lot of successful business. In the fall of 2013, when the new house was delivered, they soon renovated the house and moved into the new house. Life seemed to open up the Sunshine Boulevard to their couple, however, they only walked on it for a year, and the nightmare came.


I learned on the phone that Zhou Qiang suffered such a big difficulty, to Xin Ju's sadness empathy. However, I was thousands of miles away in the north of the town, unable to help themselves, cannot immediately go back to help her in grief.


Xinju saw me, crying incessantly, delicate slap face thin a circle, into a cone face, never fat body more slim. I don't know what to say, only silently accompanied by tears, to Xinju calm down, she told me about the story.


It was cold on December 31,2014, and Xinju knew Zhou Qiang's boat was loading bulk cement at a ferry in a neighboring county. The next day was New Year's Day, the anniversary of their 22nd wedding anniversary, but Zhou Qiang couldn't come back. Anyway is the old husband and wife, also do not pay attention to those, over the years, Zhou Qiang are running away, also rarely over this anniversary.


Before, I saw this passage, is feel inexplicable. After all, the two love, life is also very good, how to \"a few lines of tears\" said? After reading, just feel, is there any divine enlightenment?


\"Why should I count this day? A few hours before the accident! Xin Ju pointed to the words of the circle of friends, and kept shaking his head and sighing,\" Is there really a hunch?\"


That night, the boat eldest couple went ashore, Zhou Qiang went to the cement factory alone loading. The bulk cement kept going into the cabin, and suddenly a loud noise shook the night sky, the hull exploded, the ship was blown over and half tilted into the water. Flying cement scattered on the shore, the accumulation of a thick layer, Zhou Qiang was blown, fell into the water.


Xinju couldn't recall how she got to the scene of the accident from her home," I was completely confused ". Facing the river in the dark, she shivered. The salvage work went on overnight and half a day before finding Zhou Qiang's body far from the boat. "I'm sorry Zhou Qiang, he's only 49 years old, so suddenly he left ……”


\"I've lived in my 40s, I've never done anything wrong, how do I behave with my husband and wife, you know the best, why we've been so hard?\" Xinju cried while saying, but turned to dry tears, eyes firmly said,\" I must die with them to the end, should grasp, should compensate for the compensation! I just have to say it!


\"It was the failure of the pressure valve, which caused the cement to go all the way in, and eventually the pressure was too high to explode. In xinju's view, the first to take responsibility is the cement factory, how much cement, how long should be counted, so unconsciously pouring cement into the ship, will certainly cause tragedy.


\"The local maritime security department is also responsible for the safety inspection of ships. The collection of money to go, why not change the pressure valve on time? Linked shipping companies, also cannot get out of the relationship! Said xinju, the stubbornness is back.


After the incident, these three departments in xinju seem to be responsible, none of the initiative to contact her to negotiate compensation, which makes xinju very cold,\" their hearts are not long stone?\"


Hearing the idea that she wanted to fight the three departments on her own, I thought it was an egg. I relieved her to take her time, thinking that her battle horn had been blown for a while - I came home nearly a month after the accident, Zhou Qiang had not been buried in the ground, lying in the funeral parlour, because \"the accident has not been dealt with, cannot stop.\" After Zhou Qiang's body was recovered from the water, it was on the shore, Xinju said. But she insisted that she wouldn't move Zhou Qiang without dealing with the accident.


Zhou Qiang a large family, no one is willing to come forward to solve the problem, even Xinju let them follow themselves to find people, they are not active. Xin Ju said to them,\" How did Zhou Qiang do to you when you were brothers and sisters before? Now that he's dead, you won't find anyone. Don't look at the dead to see the living, you have nephews going to college, the accident is not clear, how do we live orphans and widowed mother? What if you owe so much money for the boat? If you don't go, you must go. You are brothers and sisters.


Zhou Qiang's brothers and sisters felt guilty and had to follow. The relevant departments are both hard and hard, asking the family to transport the body to the funeral home for a while, saying that the aftermath is not a moment to deal with. Zhou Qiang's relatives, timid and frightened by the attitude of others, wanted to take the initiative to send the body to the funeral home, but also advised Xinju not to act recklessly. \"The accident really cannot be dealt with at once, but, not to give a statement, we firmly cannot remove Zhou Qiang, not to take the initiative to send. Stored in the funeral home, is also a long-term thing, is a very large cost, we take the initiative to send, also need me to pay this money. The relevant departments should deal with the matter, to eliminate the impact, let the relevant departments send it!


At the insistence of Xinju, finally by the relevant departments to come forward, Zhou Qiang's body to the local funeral home for storage, the cost is paid by the government, the next step, set up an accident investigation team to deal with related issues.


\"Well, this is the first step in the long march. Xinju and I said, the sound of firecrackers outside the window, the more intense spring festival atmosphere, more added to the sad atmosphere in this home, this year is doomed to be sad.


Years later, I went out to work as usual. Before she left, she went to see xinju again and told her to be careful. I went thousands of miles away to the city to think of the difficult situation of xinju, afraid of her boredom, more proactive than before to contact her, she also at any time to tell me the dynamics of this matter, power to relieve their own pressure.


By the end of February, the year was over. Xinju can't wait to ask about the situation, but the promise of \"setting up an accident investigation team\" is still far off. Xinju felt that she could not wait, the cause of the accident is very clear, is nothing but a few departments division of responsibility, she did not want to wait to die,\" have to take the initiative to attack.\"


She went to the cement factory several times, but couldn't find the person in charge - the leader either went to a meeting or went on a business trip. She had waited in the office for two days, eating only one pancake for each meal, and eventually did not see the person in charge.


Then she went to the Marine Bureau. The other side does not think they are responsible, said security has a signed owner. Xinju told them to look at the signed material and they couldn't get it out. \"The matter will wait for the results of the investigation to come out, what responsibility we have. They left the hard words to her.


Then she went to the company where the cargo ship was linked, and the head of the company said,\" a little linked fee, resulting in such a large liability, too much loss \", unwilling to give any compensation. Xinju said to ask a lawyer to sue him, the man directly played scoundrel:\" prosecution on the prosecution, the big deal in prison, anyway I do not pay.\"


After a lot of trouble, the accident treatment still has no eyebrow. At one time, xinju was lost and even despaired. She remembered Xiao Ming, who came to visit her first time after the accident, told her that she still had to rely on the local government. She didn't listen to it then, and now it's the only way. After all, the party responsible for the loss of money family members are endless, if there is government coordination, all parties will rest assured?


As a result, xinju back to push the local government departments to set up an accident investigation team. She called zhou qiang's friends, brothers and sisters, as well as relatives of her mother's family, to go to the government in the place of the incident to discuss, hoping to form pressure to let the relevant departments solve the problem in a timely manner.


Once, four or five hours. Zhou Qiang friends have their own things, her relatives are far apart, several times down, Xinju is not much trouble for them. Zhou Qiang's brothers and sisters are even more chilling, even on the road to eat, are waiting for the nephew who has not yet graduated to pay for them, drive out, but also to Xinju to give them refueling. Every time to a department, xinju tearfully under the argument, they are only in the back, silent. Xinju let his son hold the remains of Zhou Qiang kneeling in front of the relevant departments, someone came to scare them:\" Do not hold the photo here, the impact is not good, or you all arrested!\"


\"Why not hold the picture? It's his father, who died so badly that he's going to avenge his father if he doesn't get justice now! Xinju is not afraid of them at all,\" please arrest us all, we orphans and widows, to this point, there is no way to live!\"


However, none of the three responsible parties is willing to make easy promises of responsibility, they are all on the sidelines, do everything they can to evade responsibility, hutu minimizes responsibility, compensation can be delayed, can hide.


So ran for a while, friends and relatives no longer continue to help, Xinju also let his son go to school. She herself has been constantly to and from the local government departments, the call sign, to promote the relevant departments to deal with the timely, among the hardship and suffering, no one else can experience.


Finally, xinju ground the sole, finally in 5 months, forcing government departments to set up a special accident investigation and handling team to coordinate related matters, the local county governor as team leader.


The first is the division of responsibilities –60 per cent for the cement plant and 30 per cent for the maritime ship inspection department and affiliated companies. However, no one readily pay compensation, maritime security departments insisted that they have no responsibility, the company's head unexpectedly ran away.


\"As for the legal issues, you still have to find a lawyer who can negotiate better or worse, or we have to go through the legal process to reach it through prosecution - after all, it's the rule of law, not the rule of the people.


The lawyer gave her a detailed analysis of the situation: the cement factory was small,60% of the responsibility, and they did not have much objection; the maritime security department and the affiliated company insisted that they were not responsible and unwilling to bear it; as for the owner's financial and legal responsibility, Xinju could issue a letter of understanding to her brother, which would relieve him of his criminal responsibility, and as for Zhou Qiang's legal responsibility,\" the other person is no longer in, the financial responsibility is your own 10%.\"


The long run, let Xin Ju feel discomfort, waist pain, she went to the hospital to check, was diagnosed with severe hydronephrosis. From surgery to discharge from hospital, more than a month, Zhou Qiang's family did not go to visit Xinju. She saw through the family. Their indifference strengthened her determination to regain justice.


At the beginning of September, a little recovery, new Ju went to the county magistrate - the county magistrate cannot say to find, even if the telephone contact in advance, to the county government, sometimes he held meetings, sometimes he traveled, sometimes he was busy with other things, often went to several times cannot find people. Xinju had to wait outside the office, from morning to evening, casually to deal with a few mouthfuls of rice, eat a few mouthfuls of cold and hard steamed bread, drink a few mouthfuls of cold water, find a humble hotel to stay, and then wait.


When she saw the county magistrate, she said with tears:" Now that the responsibility for the accident has long been clearly divided, when will the compensation be in place? So much had happened that the people were dead, so much money had been borrowed from the boat, and the creditors had come to demand it. I can't work for this. The son has not worked, the life becomes the question, waits for this compensation to pay the debt ……”


After listening to her cry for a long time, the county governor also felt compassion:\" I am very sympathetic to what you have suffered, I arranged for someone to urge the cement factory to pay in place as soon as possible.\"


The lawyer told her that the court had set up a compensation account and that the compensation for the first batch of cement plants would soon be in place; the maritime security department was still in the process of communicating and negotiating;\" as for the head of the affiliated ship company, the public security department was also carrying out the arrest \".


With the efforts of the parties, the maritime security department also recognized the responsibility for placing the compensation into the designated account. The head of the company who had escaped was eventually arrested by the police.


By the beginning of 2016, the new Ju that \"compensation, should be grasped \", is finally put into practice. As for the loss of how much money, xinju did not say-property compensation according to the actual loss, by the insurance company compensation, in addition to the cost of the ship, neighbors have speculated that there are probably more than 1 million.


At this point, lying in the funeral home for a year of Zhou Qiang, finally can feel at ease. Xin Ju got back for Zhou Qiang, to comfort her husband in the spirit of heaven, she made the funeral very grand.


At the funeral, xinju looked tired, but his eyebrows were more stubborn:\" in any case, the page has finally been turned over, my son and I will live a good life.\"


Xin Ju's son got a good job in the southern city after he graduated from college. She also continued to be diligent in her job as a cashier. Sometimes we chat about parents on WeChat, and occasionally see videos of her circle of friends dancing in the square.


\"A lot of the young people didn't get it, and I got it. Because of this certificate, the salary has been increased a lot, even if it is easier to find a job later. She smiled happily. By this time, she was 48 years old.


This year, xinju sold the house that had just lived for a few years, got more than half a million, and part of the compensation, paying his son more than 1 million down payment in the city where he worked.


She didn't want to go back to the old house in our family home. She rented a house in the busy area of the old town, lived alone, went to work step-by-step every day, danced in the nearby square at night, and had a quiet life.


Unexpectedly, that \"object\" is Xiao Ming. At that time, Zhou Qiang's affairs, although he is not convenient to do personally everywhere, but will always give advice at the critical time, Xinju is very grateful to him. Shortly after Zhou Qiang's affairs were solved, Xiao Ming's wife discovered cancer and soon died.


Later opened with the school, a classmate to xinju half-serious half-tone:\" it has been a few years, people old zhou may have been there to find someone, you should also consider their own business.\" Then he made a deal with xinju and xiaoming:\" since his wife died, a lot of people have introduced him to him, women in any profession, there are unmarried women, but he did not agree.\"


In the classmate's matchmaking, two people also slowly chat up. Some good people said the new love of xinju to zhouqiang elder sister, zhouqiang elder sister angry,\" don't tell me these, I don't want to hear.\" Xinju does not care about these, after all, Zhou Qiang has been gone for more than three years, it is time to consider their next life.


So many years of friends will go away, my heart is mixed, not only for her to find a new happiness happy, but also for friends away sad. The day before she left, I asked for leave to see her off at her mother's house. Wedding that morning, I went to send her guests from the hotel to her house downstairs, Xinju in the mother's family surrounded by a red umbrella, wearing a fuchsia lace skirt, to the groom's car,49 years old, the figure is still graceful.


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