In 2020, the Forbidden City will be built in 600 years. Standing at the crossroads of history, the Palace Museum plans to highlight the cultural connotation and the value of the times with a series of celebrations; strive to meet the strong demand for spiritual culture on the basis of conservation and preventive protection; and look forward to turning more cultural and digital resources into popular cultural creation products to make the Palace truly vibrant.


“We will mark the important historic occasion of the 600-year anniversary of the Forbidden City, summarizing the past and looking forward to the future through a series of activities." Wang Xudong, president of the Palace Museum, brought a "big gift" to people at the time of his resignation. Since taking office on April 8,2019, Wang Xudong has faced the media for the first time and received an interview from People's Daily to introduce the key activities to commemorate the 600 years of the establishment of the Forbidden City and the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the Palace Museum.


The long river of history rushed forward, the knot of time etched in the sparkle, from 1420 to 2020, the long Forbidden City ushered in 600 years. This is not only a great event for the Forbidden City, but also a great event for the Chinese cultural circles.


To commemorate the Forbidden City's construction of the Forbidden City in 600 years and the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City will hold a series of academic seminars, publish a series of research results, launch a series of fine exhibitions, organize a series of public welfare activities, produce a series of film and television works to promote the Forbidden City culture, commend a group of \"Palace Museum people\" with outstanding contributions, highlight the cultural connotation and the value of the times, carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, protect the heritage with the heart of the craftsman, nourish the Forbidden City with the heart, and give the magnificent city to the next 600 years.


What will the 600- year - old Forbidden City launch? This is the focus of the general audience. Wang said that the \"Forbidden City 600-year exhibition\" through the Forbidden City camp, renovation and protection and other key events, the changes over the past 600 years, explain the Forbidden City Palace architectural technology and art perfect combination of the realm. \"Past times - Palace Museum Tibetan Ancient People's Exhibition\" selected the Palace Museum collection, showing the development of figure painting from the Eastern Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the high-profile \"Han Xi Zai Night Banquet Picture\" will be on stage. \"Ancient personages-Su Shi theme painting exhibition\" mainly shows Su Shi's artistic attainments and personality style, and its influence on later generations. The museum will reopen in the temple of wuying and take the history of chinese ceramics as an outline to show the continuous development of chinese ceramics in 8000 years. The number of cultural relics after the renovation has increased from 400 to 1000 pieces. The \"china and versailles exhibition\" will restore a fuller, more comprehensive cultural and artistic grandeur of the 18th century. \"Every exhibition will have a focus, we do not rule out the emergence of'popular style' artifacts, but more hope that people can quietly absorb nutrition in the palace of culture. said Wang Xudong.


Wang Xudong places special emphasis on youth public welfare activities. \"Oasis Action -600 Primary School Students Enter The Forbidden City\" cultural public welfare activities, will invite children from the poor and remote areas into the Forbidden City;\" Forbidden City memory context 600 years - cross-Strait and Hong Kong, Macao and 600 high school students into the Forbidden City \"cultural exchange public welfare activities, will invite 600 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to experience the charm of traditional culture at close range;\" The Imperial Palace\" couplet calligraphy contest -600 young people into the Palace Museum \"cultural public welfare activities, will be in the form of calligraphy competition to stimulate patriotic enthusiasm, enhance cultural self-confidence. Wang Xudong hopes that through these activities, the seeds of traditional culture can be sown deep in the child's heart.


Standing at the intersection of history, Wang Xudong felt deeply. \"When we look back to the past, connect with today and move better to the future.\" Wang Xudong said:\" the Forbidden City contains endless artistic value, historical value, scientific value, we still need to continue to dig. The 600-year Forbidden City should be integrated into the international community, draw on the advanced civilization of other countries through the exchange of Chinese culture and world culture, and promote the exchange of civilization and mutual learning in the dialogue between ancient civilization and modern civilization.


On December 19,2019,10:47:03, the Palace Museum received more than 19 million spectators in 2019 as a spectator surnamed Yang from Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, checked in. On the horizontal side, the Palace Museum ranks \"first\" in the world museum. Vertically, since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the Palace Museum has received a total of 100 million spectators; since 1979, it has received a total of 100 million spectators, accounting for% of the total audience in 70 years. \"This reflects the economic and social development from the side, reflects the people's spiritual and cultural needs. With the continuous integration of culture and tourism and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have entered museums and cultural heritage sites. said Wang Xudong.


In the face of the increasing number of visitors, how to balance the relationship between openness and protection is a difficult problem. Wang Xudong stressed that protection is the first to continuously meet the people's expectations for a better life on the basis of protection. \"The Palace Museum has done a lot of conservation work for generations since it was founded in 95 years. With the deepening of the protection, our concept of cultural relics conservation is also constantly improving. In the past, a lot of rescue protection has been made, which makes a great contribution to the protection of the Forbidden City. Now that we have entered the stage of combining rescue protection with preventive protection, risk monitoring has become an important part of protection.


The combination of rescue protection and preventive protection is one of the experiences accumulated by Wang Xudong in his work in Dunhuang Research Institute. After graduating from the Department of Geology and Engineering Geology of Lanzhou University, he has served as deputy director of the Institute of Protection of Dunhuang Research Institute and assistant director of the Institute of Protection and Protection of Dunhuang Research Institute. Wang dong still remembers that he first went to the Mogao Grottoes, looked at the Gobi Desert all over the sky, saw the cliff body with the cave, so walking, suddenly have a feeling that he will stay in this place. That's 28 years. Outsiders seem desolate, but Wang Xudong enjoys the beauty of loneliness. Generations of Dunhuang people, in the protection of cultural heritage, value mining, tourism opening, cultural dissemination and other aspects of continuous exploration efforts to make Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes a model for the protection and utilization of cultural heritage. \"Adhere to the desert, willing to contribute, the courage to bear, pioneering and enterprising\" spirit,\" has also become the heritage of the cultural heritage of the spirit.