After four months of preparation, team formation, marketing, channel expansion, Su Rong did not expect to meet his boss Yan Jia last time in the police station.


The reason is that Yan Jia went to a CVS store to get his disposable e-cigarettes back, but the owner did not know the boss, how to say not to give, must let the lad shop the channel to come over. In a hurry, Yan Jia called the police, shop owner, Yan Jia, even this channel young man Su Rong into the police station.


The reason given by Yan Jia is that the pin is not good enough to get the goods back. But Su Rong did not understand why the boss did not say hello directly, but to secretly run to their own collection, but also involved him into the police station.


In fact, in four months'time, yan jia's start-up e-cigarette company, love's prey, experienced layoffs and, in addition to its executives and founders, staged a series of drama such as the boss's destruction of evidence and late-night office confrontation, which was driven by unpaid wages, unpaid compensation and no labor contract.


Love's Prey's office in Beijing has now been sacked for most of its staff, with one former employee starting a foreign-trade business in a circle of friends and even paying in arrears.


Love's Prey, an e-cigarette company, is ostensibly because \"power cuts\" are affecting business, and in fact, most people who want to make quick money are stuck in a muddy mess, only to be able to see lustful beings in the e-cigarette industry.


At the other end of the phone was friend and colleague Lin Jianyu, who called himself at the moment because of what, Zhang Peng had already guessed a few minutes, and asked,\" What's the matter? Tore it?


The opposite reaction of co-workers and bosses called Zhang Peng a little uneasy. Looking back on these two months, what happened in the company, all sorts of laughs, the details must have been torn, but this late at night, the two also ran to the company \"late-night showdown \", but to everyone just add to the joke.


In the middle of the night, Lin and a gang of brothers were confronting their boss, Yan Jia, and Zhang Peng listened for a while to understand what was going on:


After yan jia's intention to shut down the company, he did not inform the other employees, who had not signed the contract and had no labor compensation. Lin jian-yu, who was the leader, was afraid that the boss had shut down the company and had no evidence of his work with his brothers.


Lin jian-yu also regardless of the situation, directly questioned yan jia compensation matters, the two sides very fierce argument, yan jia at first did not intend to pay compensation, and finally, under the pressure of the public, had to decide to postpone the payment of wages.


August 24,2019, is the day Zhang Peng joined Love's Prey, and the day before, led by his good friend, Lin Jianyu, Zhang Peng and Yan Jia, the boss and founder of Love's Prey, met at the cafe.


Mr. lin and mr. peng used to be colleagues, and even after they left, they remained friends. This time, because of mr. lin's invitation, they agreed to stir up the dream.


Love's Prey is Yan Jia's name for his e-cigarette product, but when it comes to the origin of the brand name, Yan Jia pulls through the concept, and finally Zhang Peng doesn't understand what is going on, but it's just a small matter, after all, Yan Jia is the founder.


Before that, Zhang Peng did not know Yan Jia at all, only knew that Yan Jia is the ODM, the OEM origin of the electronic cigarette, although has not done the fast sale profession, but how also should know the electronic cigarette than oneself.


But Beijing people good face, since has promised to help Lin Jianyu, Zhang Peng also did not hesitate to feel that he should in the early days of Love's Prey start-up, use their own strengths to help them.


The e-cigarette market is too small and loose to compare with the traditional, well-established fast-selling industry or the \"AI smart\" and \"big health\" that have been hot for the past two years.


In addition to the professional veteran players or senior supply chain people from the battery, atomization structure, material technology to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of the hand, for consumers, what is seen-looking homogenization everywhere.


During the first week of september 2019, everyone located their office in a place in beijing's east fourth ring, at a monthly rent of 20,000 a month, which is arguably a bargain.


Although the company has not been registered, but the pace of recruitment cannot stop, from finance to sales, all positions have to be someone, and lin and zhang peng have certainly become a middle leader, zhang peng, the name of the sales director of china is so.


Love's Prey, like many start-ups, set a distant goal in the first place, moving towards the \"great dream\" of China's hundreds of millions of smokers, and didn't seem to have thought how difficult it would be to make 100 million smokers an e-cigarette user.


Yan Jia is from Shenzhen, a long-term mixed trace of Shenzhen and e-cigarette bone blood blend, how wide the benefits of e-cigarettes, he cannot understand.